Chapman School of Seamanship

Recreational Boating I - Power and Sail

5 days - 30 hours

Educational Objectives

Recreational Boating I is for adults, high school and college students who want to get started in boating the right way, the safe way, by learning the basic principles from experienced boating professionals.

The course is highly recommended for the first-time boat owner, companions, spouses and other family members who want to become active participants in one of America's fastest-growing leisure activities.

Successful graduates will understand and appreciate why safe boating practice begins before boarding a vessel and continues after the vessel is safely back in port, secured to its mooring, cleaned, inspected and ready for its next voyage.

Course Description

Seamanship and Safetly - 8 hours
Includes Aids to Navigation, legal requirements, safety equipment, line handling and marlinspike, and boat handling techniques.

Navigation - 6 hours
Study basic navigation, chart reading, dead recokoning, time, speed, distance, (ETA), latitude and longitude.

Introduction to Marine Electronics - 2 hours
Lab overviews of VHF, GPS, Loran C, Radar, SSB, Weather Fax, C Plotters, Depth Sounder.

Maintenance - 2 hours
Basic hull and deck maintenance and repair for fiberglass vessels.

Hands-on Underway - 12 hours Vessel equipment familiarization. Instruction in docking and undocking, maneuvering in close quarters, along side touch and go, line handling.


A Chapman School certificate of completion is awarded to students who complete the course. This certificate may qualify a boat owner for marine insurance discounts.


Persons attending must be at least 15 years of age or older and in good health. The stucture of this program and the setting in which it is conducted make it an ideal opportunity for couples to learn together.


Registration Fee $50.00
Tuition $595.00
Total $645.00

Accommodations available on a space available basis for an additional cost.

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