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All Florida Directories offer a number of packages intended to meet the Internet needs of individual businesses. (The next page, Available Packages shows sample Listings, related costs, and specifically what is included in each type and style of Listing.)

Linked Listings are the best bet for most businesses who operate a Domain Site on the Internet. Businesses may choose to either have a direct listing to their Domain site or a link to an All Florida page. The All Florida page features link(s) to the Domain site, Meta Tags, a picture or logo, full address and phone numbers, an active email address, and a description of the business. The business is identified and linked in the appropriate All Florida Directory with Pointer and a three word description. The prime advantage of this listing is that it provides the visitor with a description of the business on the City / Classification page plus enough information on the All Florida page so that when they visit the Domain Site they are ready to buy.

Basic Listings provide both large and small businesses advantages. These Listings offer a way for small businesses to make their address, phone number, and a description of services and products available to the world very inexpensively. A Basic Listing is often appropriate for larger businesses which have a Domain site, but want the advantages of a separately Meta Tagged site. Links -- often to specific pages on the "home" site -- are included in the All Florida listing. All Florida guarantees a minium number of "Hits" for all Basic Listings. The prime advantages this type listing are: guaranteed visitors, better qualification of the buyer, and having another complete site with meta tags and basic information that points to the Domain Site.

Standard Listings are appropriate for small to medium businesses and highly effective for realtors and accommodations providers whether they have a Domain site or not. Standard Listings are strongly Meta Taged and individually marketed to the Internet Search Engines producing significantly higher visitors than many Domain sites. All Florida guarantees an impressive number of site visitors. Listings are usually several pages long, include an Order Form, and lots of information. In short, a Standard Listing is the equivalent of a Domain Site without the cost or maintenance.

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