Ted DeGroot

An active realtor since 1997, Ted specializes in residential properties with particular emphasis on single family homes located in Collier County. After college and service to his country, DeGroot began his first career in the audio / video area by working for a television station in Flint, Michigan. In only a few years he was creating appeal campaigns for the United Fund, commercials for the Big Three automakers and television specials for a variety of purposes. Along the way he was the radio and television producer for the Detroit Red Wings and part of the team that developed the "Be All You Can Be" campaign for the US Army.

Since moving to Florida, DeGroot has been involved in promoting Florida destination quality resorts to tourists around the world, selling books via the Internet, the brokerage of businesses and the marketing of fine residences.

DeGroot has been an active runner, enjoys playing golf and sailing on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and occasionally engages in a set of tennis. He has been seen mucking in the Everglades before lunching in South Beach. Prior to moving to southwest Florida he was an avid duck hunter, a weekend downhill skier, a camper know to test his mettle by combining cross country skiing and winter tent camping along the shores of Lake Superior.


He has worked boats of many sizes, including the 105' Helene. For a number of years he crewed aboard a 48 foot racing sailboat on Lake Huron, an activity similar to America's Cup racing.

He has traveled fairly extensively, visiting all the States and recently drove to Alaska with a side trip to Inuvik, Northwest Territories. He has visited or worked in Europe and northern Africa.

Ted and his wife moved from Rochester, Michigan to Naples in 1994. After a twenty plus year career in the travel industry, Patti is now a librarian.

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