Estero River Outfitters

Estero Florida

Open cockpit kayaks in plastic and fiberglass
Recreational, sit on top, sea kayaks
Ocean Kayak
Full line of sit on top kayaks
Recreational, sit on top, touring sea kayaks
Fiberglass/Kevlar, good quality, low priced sea kayaks
Wilderness Systems
Open cockpit kayaks, plastic and fiberglass

We rent all the kayaks we sell. We are on the water for demos. Shipped anywhere.

Well, almost anywhere.

We get them to you.

You get them to the river.

If you are into, or just plain interested in, owning a kayak -- call, fax, or email

-- call 941-992-4050 (no 800 number to help keep the costs low)
-- fax your specifications to 941-992-9023 (we fax back)
-- email us (cheap for everybody)

We will get right back to you with a recommendation or two and the best suggestion for you and your family.

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